I'm in, now what do I do?

1. Sign up as a Fundraising Champion Go to www.ExtraGive.org and searching for Tenfold. Click ‘Fundraise’. If you are new, follow the prompts. If you are a returning Fundraising Champion, put in your previous credentials.

2. Personalized your Fundraising Champion page by uploading a profile picture, adding a fundraising goal, and sharing why you are fundraising for Tenfold.

3. Promote your Fundraising Champion page once you have customized it with your unique Fundraising Champion link (located in the gray ‘Share Your Page’ box on the right side of the page. Share the link with your friends, family, and colleagues so they know that you are participating in the Camp Out to fundraise for Tenfold through the ExtraGive on 11.18.22. Sample messaging and graphics to use on your social media are below.

4. On 11.18.22, share, share, share and enjoy an evening with us as we raise funds to support individuals, families, and veterans as they conquer their housing and financial goals.

Sample Messaging

The most critical part of this process is sharing your page.

Not just on the day of the ExtraGive, but several times leading up to November 18. Below are messages that you can share. Please feel free to copy these directly or adjust them as much as you would like and don’t forget to include your Fundraising Champion link.

Don’t forget to tag us and use hashtags!

Facebook: Tenfold Twitter: @tenfoldorg Instagram: @tenfoldorg • #IGiveExtra #ExtraordinaryGive #ExtraGive #CampOut2022

Send your photos to Diana at to make it onto our social media.

Click the button below to download the zip file containing the Fundraising Champion graphics to use on your social media.

Download Graphics

Sample Message 1: Please consider supporting my fundraising efforts for Tenfold during the #ExtraGive on November 18, as I participate in their Camp Out for Homelessness to Housing event at the Clipper Magazine Stadium. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors as they put in the hard work to get back on their feet, striving to live their best lives, for themselves and their families. [insert link to fundraising page]

Sample Message 2: Join me in doing something extraordinary on November 18, as I participate in Tenfold’s Camp Out for Homelessness to Housing event at Clipper Stadium! Together, we can help the people in our community access housing stability and financial security. [insert link to fundraising page]

Sample Message 3: At any given time, around 100 individuals, including 30-40 children who were experiencing homelessness and are now living at TLC, a service of Tenfold, which is a 52-room shelter in downtown Lancaster. Join me on November 18, as I participate in the #ExtraGive and camp out with Tenfold to build awareness and support the fight against homelessness in Lancaster County. [insert link to fundraising page]

Sample Message 4: The ExtraGive and Camp Out for Homelessness to Housing is just [insert time countdown]! Join me in supporting Tenfold on November 18. Together, we can empower families experiencing homelessness, mothers exiting prison, couples overwhelmed with debt, and so many others, to access tools and resources to unlock a brighter future toward housing stability and financial security. [insert link to fundraising page]

Timeline of Events

November 18

5:30 – 6:30 PM Campers set up

November  19

7:00 – 8:00 AM: Pack up, clean up, and leave

More details coming soon!

What To Bring

Food Everyone is responsible for their own food/disposable utensils, plates, cups, etc. There will be no access to microwaves or refrigerators. If you or your group would like to bring take out, you can. There will be drinks, light snacks, and desserts provided.

Sleeping gear Tents (no tent stakes allowed), blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

Toiletries Clipper Magazine Stadium has bathroom facilities.

Card, lawn, board games

Thank you to our year-long sponsors!