Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Tenfold offers a complete spectrum of services to help you address and achieve your housing goals. Whether you are facing homelessnessness, eviction, or foreclosure; have questions as a tenant, need information as a landlord, or are interested in buying your first home, Tenfold is here to help.


Tenfold can help you understand your options to avoid foreclosure, access emergency mortgage assistance, and work with your lender to negotiate foreclosure solutions.

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Tenfold works individually with both clients and landlords to prevent the disruptive, long-lasting effects of eviction through financial counseling and case management.

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If you are experiencing homelessness, call 2-1-1. From there, a CHART worker will set up a time to meet and connect you to helpful resources.

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We can help you understand the homebuying process, lender requirements and mortgage loan products, assess your readiness to buy a home, develop an action plan, and help prepare you for closing.

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There are many regulations that govern the Landlord/Tenant relationship. As a landlord you have the right to have access to the information that can help you be compliant; making you the best landlord you can be.

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Partner Lenders work cooperatively with Tenfold to train prospective homebuyers, process requests for financial assistance, and obtain inspection reports and other documentation required for loan closing.

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Through classes and resources, understand your rights, protections, and tools to be equipped to be a successful and reliable tenant.

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