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Federal Fair Housing laws protect you against discrimination in any type of housing related transaction because of your Race, Sex (including Sexual orientation and gender identity), Religion, National Origin, Color, Familial Status, (i.e. the presence of pregnant persons or children under the age of 18 in a family) and Handicap. There are also statewide protections for those over age 40.

Tenfold provides technical assistance for individuals that believe they have been discriminated against in the process of renting, buying or financing a home. To talk with a staff person about your housing situation, please call 717-358-9372 or use our contact us form selecting Fair Housing rights or landlord-tenant issues.

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Landlord & Tenant Guides

Our comprehensive guide was developed to encourage positive relationships between landlords and tenants, through funding from the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission and the United States Department of Housing & Urban Development. It covers information on fair housing, things to consider before renting, the application to rent, the lease, before you move in, tenants’ rights & responsibilities, repairs & the implied warranty of habitability, security deposit, rent increases, utility shut offs, falling behind on rent, and eviction.

Rental Advantage Course (RAC)

 RAC is a renter education certification course that will increase your knowledge of your rights and responsibilities in the landlord-tenant relationship, making you well-informed and someone that any landlord would want as a tenant. This class will provide an interactive, in-depth look at what is needed to be a successful renter and will empower you with the skills to navigate the rental application process.

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Find a rental property

This free online search engine tool provides a list of available properties for prospective renters.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this online tool is through a third-party provider. Please remember to follow the tips in red at the top of the search engine tool to protect yourself from scams.

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