General Overview

Tenfold is a HUD-certified Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA).

Eligible applicants interested in purchasing a home within Lancaster City/County or York City/County, may qualify for a loan through Tenfold’s Homebuyer Loan Program if they meet the eligibility requirements below.

Programs are governed by local, state, and/or federal regulations which requires interested parties to attend the Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education Class.

These loans are provided in combination with mortgage products offered by our Partners (see section below) to purchase homes located within Lancaster City/County or York City/County.

Lancaster City/County Homebuyer Assistance

Please refer to the requirements associated with the applicable location: 

York City/County Homebuyer Assistance


Tenfold works in collaboration with our partners to assist homebuyer(s) on the road to homeownership and to help them navigate the homebuying process.




Need More Information?

Contact us:

  • Lancaster Lending: 717-291-9945
  • York Lending: 717-827-4334