Meet Ginny

Not too long ago, Ginny, her boyfriend, and another roommate were sharing an apartment. Sadly, her boyfriend contracted COVID-19 and passed away.
Living on Social Security Disability, she and her other roommate tried to manage the rent, but the financial burden became too great. They were facing eviction. Ginny and her two cats (Selena & Rebel) had nowhere to go, no roof over their heads, and no family or support system to fall back on.
As a temporary solution, Ginny stayed in a tent along the Conestoga River. She shared that the tranquility of the water flowing and hearing the ducks and birds felt healing. But this was a difficult way to live, especially as the nights became colder. And for Ginny, having to walk miles for food or water, proved to be an all-day trip.
Ginny then moved into a temporary winter shelter. Most important to her, they found a foster family for her cats. But after that winter, Ginny was once again experiencing homelessness.
Then, Ginny was put in touch with Noemi, a caseworker at Tenfold. Ginny recounts, “She stayed the course with me. She continued to work directly with me as I turned 65 years old and became eligible for additional resources.”
Today, Ginny has her own apartment with her two cats. There is a convenient grocery store to shop at and she enjoys taking walks at a nearby park. She shares, “My goal is simply to stay healthy and see what tomorrow brings. Simply to love myself and to be the best me.”