Meet Lauren

Lauren is a young woman who is transforming her life at Beth Shalom and building a life free from addiction. She is developing the skills needed to live a self-sufficient life, and most importantly to Lauren, she is creating a foundation to be the best mother to her four boys: an eight-year-old, a six-year-old, and twins who are almost two. 

At a very young age, Lauren’s life was filled with many struggles that no child should face. When she was five, her mother left. Her father struggled and turned to alcohol. Eventually, her decisions led to her incarceration. 

But today, Lauren has hope. At Beth Shalom, she has found a place where she can regain control of her life through self-care, developing a recovery plan, and making restitutions. She has a safe place to share her thoughts and concerns. Lisa, Beth Shalom’s Resident Assistant, and former participant shares, “It has truly been my pleasure to see Lauren not only endure but persevere. Lauren’s faith has been inspirational in reminding me to keep doing the next right thing no matter what.”

Lauren shares, “I’m working hard and setting goals for myself. And I’m so proud of my dad who inspires me with his three years of sobriety. [He’s] practicing with me to attain my driver’s license. I recently began training for a new position as a quality technician. I’m anxious to move into a place of my own and being present for my children, as a mother should be.”