November 1, 2022

21-22 Annual Report: Reflecting on a year filled with discovering who we are together

This year’s Annual Report captures a meaningful milestone on our journey, as this was our first full year of operating as one team under our new name, Tenfold. It was certainly a year filled with discovering who we are together, and how we can position ourselves to unlock opportunities for neighbors in the communities we serve. In reflecting on this past year, here are a few key themes that illustrate our new beginning as Tenfold.

Establishing a solid team structure

With the merger of Tabor and LHOP complete and our new branding plan underway, we had the opportunity to step into our new identity and put thoughtful consideration into how we could structure our team to amplify our services to our neighbors with the greatest need. In addition to promoting some existing staff members into new leadership roles to support our key priorities, we also added new positions such as our new Chief Community Investment Officer to grow capacity in our lending area. Over the past year, we laid a solid foundation that we will continue to build upon as our clients’ and community’s needs evolve.

Identifying solutions to meet our clients’ complex needs

As our neighbors continued to navigate complex issues magnified by the pandemic and a particularly challenging market, we knew we needed to identify creative solutions to address their unique needs. We did this in a few primary ways. First, rethinking how we utilize our existing resources so we can reallocate them when necessary to focus on a high-priority need. Second, evaluating our existing programs through the lens of our current market and making adjustments to improve service. Third, offering new training opportunities so our team can learn new skills and gain perspective to strengthen service to our clients. As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion plans, we launched a trauma-informed care plan that considers the well-being of our staff so they are in an optimal position to serve, as well as considering the life experiences of our clients so we can tailor our approach accordingly.

Sharing who we are, together

Under our Tenfold structure, we are now able to offer our clients a full continuum of housing and financial empowerment services, whether they are experiencing homelessness, navigating the rental experience, preparing for homeownership, working toward financial security or looking for financing solutions to develop new affordable housing units. This annual report will walk you through an overview of each service area and highlights from the past year so you can see how our team is fulfilling our mission to spark the power in ALL people to achieve equitable housing and financial security.

Transitioning to our next chapter

As I transitioned to the role of Chief Executive Officer on May 27, after Mike McKenna’s planned departure, I was grateful for our past few years of co-leading through the merger. This gave me the opportunity to gain perspective on our service areas, acquire a deeper understanding of our clients, and nurture relationships with our team and partners. Ultimately, this prepared me to lead this next phase of our Tenfold journey. I’m excited to dig deeper over this next year and to share more as our plans unfold. For more frequent updates, I encourage you to follow us on social media or join our mailing list via our website so we can stay connected.

Read our full Annual Report to browse key highlights and impact stories.