November 2, 2023

22-23 Annual Report: Reflecting on our collective goal to end housing instability for our neighbors

As our housing crisis becomes increasingly problematic, our team has adopted a collective goal to end housing instability for our neighbors. In this year’s annual report, you will see how our team is working to tackle this audacious goal through a variety of client stories, testimonials, and impact statistics.

Advocating for our most vulnerable neighbors

Our most vulnerable neighbors struggle amidst our current housing shortage. They are forced to spend unsustainable portions of their monthly income on housing. At Tenfold, we are committed to playing a vital role in advocating for clients to address housing instability. This includes providing fair housing education to tenants so they know their rights when faced with an eviction notice, connecting unhoused individuals to shelter and necessities, supporting renters to become homeowners and so much more. Additionally, Tenfold advocates for changes and resources that will make affordable housing options more accessible throughout the communities we serve. As a result, this will give families more stability, reducing difficult trade-offs between necessities like housing, healthcare and food, offer children the opportunity to shift their focus from basic needs to education and learning, and provide businesses with housing solutions for their workforce so they can fill positions that are essential to their operations.

Cultivating new partnerships to align with our clients’ needs

Our team is continuously looking at new ways we can fill in gaps and expand services to align with our clients’ needs. This often includes cultivating new partnerships so we can multiply our impact throughout the community. One example is how our York team revamped our York Rental Stability Network to include a new eviction prevention service through a partnership with the York Bar Association.

Collaborating as one team to identify new solutions

In addition to new external partnerships, we are also strengthening the ways our team works together to identify new housing solutions. One example is how our Supportive Housing team partnered with our Housing Rights and Resources Center team to launch a new Landlord Incentive program that expands opportunities for lower-income tenants to access affordable rental units.

As always, I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to lead this team, as we work to evolve to meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you for your support and partnership, and I hope you enjoy reading more examples of our team’s passion and commitment to serving our clients, which unfolds in the following pages of this report.

Read our full Annual Report to browse key highlights and impact stories.